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News and Reviews for Wednesday October 23rd 2013


So here’s the news for you and I’m trying to order the part for my washer and Sears is charging $45 to ship it, it’s only 13 ounces, that’s ridiculous. That’s for expedited shipping, and regular shipping is $15.99. Still it’s only 13 ounces in weight. I don’t understand how companies can charge such obscene amounts for shipping, it’s sick that they can get away with it. Whatever.. read the news..

iStar Playing Cards

When you get stuff for review, sometimes companies send along promo stuff and the other day I got an HDD rack for review from iStar and they sent along a T-Shirt (which was too small), a Pen and a deck of playing cards. I didn’t think much of the cards until I opened them to discover that each card has a product on it..  I think they’re kind of neat.. so here’s a few pics of them..

DSCF7605 DSCF7606 DSCF7607 DSCF7608 DSCF7609 DSCF7610 DSCF7611 DSCF7612 DSCF7613 DSCF7614 DSCF7615 DSCF7616

Link to them: