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Bad Hacker IP Addresses

So for the past hour or so this site has been under attack I guess you could say by hackers trying to gain access via the Admin account.

So here’s a nice little list of all the IP addresses they used. A lot of them are single attempts, but most of them are multiple attempts to gain entry into the site…. So these all could be considered bad IP addresses but I’m sure a lot of them are spoofed as well, so it’s hard to block them…

86 hack attempts in 3 minutes..

wow.. that was interesting..

someone from Italy with the IP just attempted to guess my password and user name 86 times in less than three minutes..

Specifically they were in Veneto, Conegliano and they live off of Via Pompeo Molmenti road, or street.. and their ISP is Netscalibur S.p.A.

I love this little plugin I have that sends me and email with ip address and info of what they tried to use..

they were trying thing like the username of Admin, but  passwords like calvin, qwerty,kate, arthur, carlos, testtest, administrator…

oh well.. but they stopped at 86 tries…  fun-fun

Edit..   now we’re up to 126 attempts…   do people actually use passwords like 1234567, and 654321 ?!  that’s just stupid.. the best has to be ‘administatorpassword’ as the password!