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Interview with Grant Whipple of Winegard


An interview over on TestFreaks, something different…

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/interview/interview-with-grant-whipple-of-winegard/

“Today I have an interview with Grant Whipple who is the consumer electronics product manager of a company called Winegard that makes antennas for those who want to cut the cord. In the interview we talk about Winegard but also about cutting the cord and about buying an antenna like the types of antennas available and what might be the right antenna for you and your situation. I’ve always been curious about these types of antennas myself so I’ve included questions that I wanted answered which I think are the same as those an average consumer might need to know. Read on to learn more… “

Interview with Eric Di Sivilla CEO for AcousticPC.com @ TestFreaks


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/interview/interview-with-eric-di-sivilla-ceo-for-acousticpc-com/

" We’re back with another interview for you, today we will be talking to Eric Di Sivilla CEO for AcousticPC.com. His company, if you didn’t notice, is called AcousticPC and they specialize in helping to keep your PC as quiet as it can be. One of the things of course this would be good for is an HTPC, but they sell high-performance, yet quiet hardware and components for any system. AcousticPC is your one-stop shop for everything and anything related to keeping your PC quiet and running smoothly."

Interview with Max Borges of the Max Borges Agency @ TestFreaks



Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/interview/interview-with-max-borges-of-the-max-borges-agency/

"I said we’d be starting back up with interviews, and here’s the first of many more to come. Have you ever wondered about the workings of a tech PR agency? Well we’ve sat down with the owner of one of the largest consumer tech PR firms out there, Max Borges of the Max Borges Agency. I’ve personally never met or been in contact with Max until now, but I’ve worked with his wonderful staff for many years now and I for one was curious about him and wanted to learn a bit more about his firm. I figured let’s get an interview with one of the PR greats out there and here it is for your reading enjoyment… "