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HandGiftBox Retail Packed Stereo In-Ear Headphone Review


Another new review…

Link: http://reviewthetech.com/2013/12/21/handgiftbox-retail-packed-stereo-in-ear-headphone-review/

Quote:  "Up for review today I’ve got an inexpensive set of earphone from a company called HandGiftBox.  These earphones are not good at all, they sound bad and are not designed well at all. Read on if you want to see how not to make a set of earphones… "

Id America The new Spark Aluminum In-ear Headphones Review


Yep… another new review by me…

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-id-america-the-new-spark-aluminum-in-ear-headphones/

"Up for review today I have the ID America new Spark in-ear headphones and these feature an all aluminum construction with a great design making them aesthetically pleasing. The headphones have 8mm dynamic drivers in them that offer very good bass and decent highs for a  nice rounded sound from them. The new Spark headphone’s also have an in-line multifunction remote and microphone so you can not only control your music but you make and receive call as well while wearing the headphones. So read on… "

Id America New Metropolitan Aluminum In-ear Headphones Review


New review by me on Mobility Digest!

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/review-of-id-america-new-metropolitan-aluminum-in-ear-headphones/

Quote: "I don’t remember the last time I reviewed headphones here on Mobility Digest, looking back it’s been since April, so a few months anyway, just seems like longer.  Id America sent over the Metropolitan Aluminum In-Ear headphones for my review, and these are the ‘new’ ones as they are improved over the original Metropolitan as these have better drivers in them. I didn’t have the chance to review the original ones, but I have these and from my time with them I can tell you they’re a very decent set of headphones, especially if you consider the price at around $30. Some people my scoff at such a low price and think that since they’re ‘cheap’ they aren’t any good, well you’d be wrong in that thinking, these are actually fairly decent, yes not perfect, but well worth the price for sure. Read on… "

Wicked Audio Heist In-Ear Earbuds Review


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-wicked-audio-heist-in-ear-earbuds/

"Today for review I’ve got another Wicked Audio product, the Heist in-ear earbuds but these are not just for you to use as they come with an in-line audio jack so you can connect another set of headphones to them to share your music. The Heist earbuds are priced at under $20 and I wasn’t expecting much from them, but they’re surprisingly good sounding. So read on to learn more…"

V-Moda Vibrato Remote In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones @ TestFreaks


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-v-moda-vibrato-remote-in-ear-noise-isolating-headphones-with-3-button-mic/

"Up on the review block today I’ve got another pair of V-Moda headphones that are called the Vibrato Remote. The Vibrato feature an inline remote which has controls for answering calls and controlling music along with a microphone that’s built-in. The build quality of these things is amazing, a lot is made of metal making them durable but a bit on the heavy side. Anyway, read on to learn more…  "

V-Moda True Blood REVAMP In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones with 1-Button Mic @ TestFreaks


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-v-moda-true-blood-revamp-in-ear-noise-isolating-headphones-with-1-button-mic/

" True Blood is one of my favorite shows on TV, there’s just something about vampires that I’ve always liked, and no I don’t mean those sappy Twilight ones either. True Blood has done very well and with success comes themed accessories and more, one of them is from V-Moda called the Revamp In-Ear headphones and that’s what I’ve got for review today. If you’re a true Blood fan then you’ll want to continue reading and if not you can read on too as these headphones are fairly decent in sound and design. "