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iPhone.. GACK! Things it can’t do that my Tilt can!

OK, the new iPhone is out, but damn I’m already sick of hearing about it…

Go over to Digg and you’ll see several stories about the iPhone or something related to it, and htat’s not just Digg, pretty much everywhere..

I’m sick of hearing about it already, people are acting like it’s this wonderfully amazing thing that’s going to change the world, it’s not going to, it’s a phone for f*cks sake…

Hey I love my phone, an HTC TytnII or ATT Tilt, but I’m not gloating over it.. maybe it’s time I should though… It’s a vastly superior phone even though it’s a year old now

my phone can do pretty much everything the iPhone can and it can do everything the iPhone can’t, all those things that people are complaining about and much more!

Let’s see:

Copy and Paste – Check!

Real GPS -Check!

Turn by Turn GPS navigation – Check!

3 megapixel camera – Check!

Pop/Imap Email – Check!

Don’t have to have itunes account – Check!

Can surf and talk – Check!

Bluetooth Stereo – Check!

Customizable – Check!

Videos – Check!

and I can go on and on about what the Tilt can do that the iPhone can’t.. The Tilt is a far superior phone over all!

iPhone.. Blah, Gack… Go Away you bother me…