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Woken Multiple Times Last Night By Neighbors

It’s just awesome living next door to someone who doesn’t give a shit about other people.

My neighbor and his friends woke me up multiple times last night between 1:30am and 3am..

I just wanted to sleep, guess I’m not allowed according to him



Honking the Horn!

I don’t understand, doesn’t everyone have a cellphone these days? I’ve got neighbors who have people picking them up at all hours and just sit in front of the house honking their horn. It’s annoying as hell and I think it’s rude. Why can’t you just call when you get in front of the house, or better yet call when you’re close and say ‘be outside, I’m one minute away’ but no, they’d rather sit there and honk the horn non-stop and annoy everyone…


I don’t know, just felt the need to rant about that…