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Was in My First Car Accident


So it seems I’m ending my year on a bad note…

I was in a car accident this morning.

I don’t understand why they weren’t out salting the roads, they knew this weather was coming.

I was driving below the speed limit and I was two car lengths behind the guy in front of me. The guy in front of him stopped because of another accident in front of him. I tried to stop but just kept sliding right into the back of him. Felt so helpless just watching and praying the car would stop.

Good news is that his car just has a small dent and some chipped paint on the bumper. Bad news is our car is all screwed up now in the front…

When we were done I looked and there were five accidents right there in the same area, some were worse than ours, one was a car backwards, flipped around up on the sidewalk. Somehow the car that got hit ended up behind the car that hit it.

I’ve never been in a car accident before, so much for a perfect driving record I guess.

That sucked.

They should have been out salting the roads, but they weren’t and I was being as careful as I could but still I hit the guy..

I feel really bad about hitting the guy, I didn’t mean to, I tried to stop, but the ice just wouldn’t let me.