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Skipping a Beat

So for the last few weeks I’ve been skipping beats. Well not me exactly, my heart has been and it’s weird to say the least. Weird isn’t the right word, more like ‘scary’ is a better word for it.

All my life I’ve noticed skipped beats, talked to my doctor about it years ago and she said not to really worry about it. It did it every once in a while, not a big thing, but now it’s all the time.

I’m sitting here and it’s doing it now, just timed it and it was eight times in the last minute alone. So yeah it’s got me a little worried.

My heart just stops for what seems like a second and then beats once and then continues on, but then it will do it again and sometimes in succession. I don’t know how to describe it other than that really..

It makes it really hard to sleep, or to fall asleep I should say. Lying there at night and feeling your heart stop is weird, very weird and doing it over and over again is just unsettling.

It’s also a constant tightness in my chest it seems to feel like to me, especially when it skips.

It’s been doing this for the last three weeks or so, and it’s non-stop, not like before where maybe it was just a few times a day, now it’s a few times per minute.

It’s weird, and it’s weird writing about it but I just felt the need to, not sure why, but it’s out there now.

It certainly has been making me think of my own mortality that’s for sure, I’m only 40 but still..

Nothing like this runs in my family as far as I know, so I’m not sure what to make of it.

I guess I need to make a doctor appointment after the holidays, that would be a good idea.