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ObamaCare is a Mess


Holy crap..  

I’m self-employed so I have to do the whole Obamacare thing and I’ve just spent more than two hours trying to apply.

The first time I got through the application and finally to picking healthcare plans and the website errors and I can’t do it. Says try again or try logging out and back in. Tried that of course, got the error over and over.   Tried their chat support and that ‘sorry you’re having difficulties, please call us’

So I called and I got this women who I could barely understand and her answer was to keep filing NEW applications until I don’t get the error.

What the hell kind of answer is that?

So I decided to call back again and maybe get someone who I could understand better and might be more helpful. Yes the women I got was very nice and very helpful and she spoke correct English but she couldn’t figure out the problem either. So we opted for filing another new application over the phone and she gets the same error as I got.

Surprise. Surprise! The only solution she can give me is to file another NEW application tomorrow and hope it works and if it doesn’t to file another new application the next day. The same answer essentially, just keep filing new applications until I don’t get the error anymore. WTF?!?

What a mess this is…..

Wife tried to apply for several days in a row now and she can’t get as far as me, site keeps giving her an error just at a different place.

The thing is that you must apply or enroll by March 1st or get fined?! So what happens if I can’t enroll because their website is so screwed up? Do I still get fined because of their incompetence? The answer to that of course is YES! They threw together that crappy website, they gave the contract to a ‘friend’ of course who obviously didn’t know what the hell they were doing.

My next question is, what happens if you can’t pay the fine?  Are they going to be putting all these people in jail? I can see the conversations now: What are you in for? Murder! What are you in for? Armed Robbery! What are you in for? Not having health care!

Yeah I don’t see where this could go wrong at all….

When I was little I was proud to be an American, proud to live in this country but not anymore. If I could I’d leave, it’s just gotten so ridiculous and the government is so corrupt. It’s not about the people anymore, it’s about the dollar. This country has just went downhill and I don’t see it getting better anytime soon.

This government was founded I thought to serve the people, but that’s not how it is anymore, it’s only there to serve itself it seems to me.