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Happy Hour Timepieces The Ish Watch Review


Check out the new review by me..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-happy-hour-timepieces-the-ish-watch/

“Today I have something a bit different for review, it’s a watch, but not just any watch as it’s from a company called Happy Hour Timepieces. The name of the watch is The Ish and the idea behind this companies watches is happy hour or 5pm when the work day ends and you finally get chance to relax and enjoy happy hour as it were. The Ish watch is very unique in two ways specifically, the first is that the dial is actually hazy or foggy except for the magical number 5 which is all that counts right?! The second thing that makes The Ish unique is that it has a built-in bottle opener, the clasp is actually heavy duty and it’s designed to open a bottle with just a twist of your wrist. Those are just two things, but overall the The Ish is very nice, it’s well made and it looks great. Read on to learn more..”