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Genius Kids Designer II 5” x 8” Graphic Tablet for Kids Review


And another review by me on TestFreaks..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-genius-kids-designer-ii-5-x-8-graphic-tablet-for-kids/

"About two years ago I reviewed a product from Genius, the Kids Designer graphics tablet, and I’m happy to report that my youngest son still uses it to this day and very much enjoy it. The Kids Designer tablet is a great product for children but Genius has decided to improve upon it with the Kids Designer II Graphics Tablet which is what I have for review today. This second generation tablet looks very much different from the first and this one includes a wireless pen instead of wired like the first one has. If you have young children then this is certainly a product your should look into, my kids love it and I think your will too.  "

Genius Kids Designer 5” x 8” Graphic Tablet for Kids Review



When it comes to kids there’s a lot of games for them but not much in the way of peripherals really. Genius recently sent over the Kids Designer graphic tablet for kids for me to review. I let my 5yr old son play with it and he likes it a lot. I then had to use it myself and I have to say for a kids tablet it’s not bad at all.