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Awesome Birthday Present from My Kids!

My birthday is tomorrow … again, another year past, but my kids Nick and Vinnie pitched in and got my an Xbox Series X and Elden Ring to play on it!! Totally unexpected and just an awesome gift! They gave me the gift early, just a couple days, but that’s fine with me!

5 Tips to Buying the Perfect Gift for Your Son


Having kids is a blessing and as a parent, it makes one happy to see that your kids are happy. Not all kids are the same, meaning that what makes one happy could not be what makes the other one happy. It is for this reason, that it becomes hard and frustrating when you are searching for the perfect gift for your kid. The gift will also depend on the gender of the kid, for example, and it could be confusing to get your son a doll and a doll house as a toy. The girls are not that complicated to shop for but for the boys, confusion can easily arise depending on your cultural background and personal beliefs. This makes it very hard for the parents to buy a gift for their son. The tips below will help guide you into buying the perfect gift for your son:

Got another Christmas gift!

I never heard of Harry and David before so I was a bit confused when Fedex dropped off a package from them. I was even more intrigued when it said ‘perishable’ on the box. So I opened it up to find out it was a Christmas gift from Synology. It’s a candy gift box with six different things in it.

There’s peppermint pretzel trees, chocolate moose much, peanut brittle, malted balls, chocolate cookies and two big mint chocolate covered cookies.


Not a bad little gift!

Visit Synology here when you get the chance, they make the best NAS boxes out there!  http://www.synology.com