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Review of Ohuhu 12 Pcs Darts with National Flag Flights

It’s been a long time since I’ve played darts, it’s more of a bar type of game, go drinking and play darts, but I quit drinking so I pretty much quit playing darts as well. I used to play them a lot of with my cousin, but he’s dead, so that’s another reason I guess I don’t play. I like it and I’ve missed it I think and when I was offered a chance to review some from Ohuhu I thought sure, why not, get back into playing. Anyway, this is a great beginner set and you 12 of them for a low price, so read on to learn more..

4 Days Left for Amazon Digital Games Mayhem Sale


Amazon has their Digital Games Mayhem sale going on until the 31st, it’s a great time to pick up some new games and DLCs. I was browsing and they’ve got a lot of DLCs for like 50 cents, or lower, actually I seen some for for 37 cents each!

They’ve got like over 1000 games on sale and I can’t find one that I want. The one I want for PC isn’t on sale of course but there are still 4 days left, including today,  so here’s hoping the one I want goes on sale at a nice discount!