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My Chair Keeps Falling Down!!!!!!


So that’s my chair up there, it’s comfortable and I really like the fact that the arms fold up and back and out of the way, I can use one, both or none. I picked it up at Office Depot a year ago, well it was a year in March. It’s called the Realspace Calusa Mesh Mid-Back Chair (link HERE).

A couple months ago it started falling down, the chair was just a year old really so how can it be broke already?

It seems every year I have to buy a new desk chair, and I don’t get it? This chair I have now is selling at Office Depot for $189.99 but when I got it it was priced at like around $250 . I didn’t pay that though thankfully, I got it on a big sale they were having for a little less than $100, it was this weekend furniture sale or whatever  it was, I just know it was a good deal, or so I thought…

Why do I have to buy a new chair every year? They should last longer than that, especially for the price, you’d think anyway.

I got that chair to replace another one I had gotten only a year before for $150.00, I was thinking that if I got one more expensive then it would last, but apparently I was wrong. I had the same problem with the other chair, it kept falling down after less than a year of owning it.

I’m not heavy, I’m only about 175lbs and I’m 6 foot tall, so it’s not my weight surely. I don’t know, I sure don’t want to buy yet another chair. It seems every year I have to buy a new chair because the pneumatic cylinder fails and the chair falls down.

Years ago I got one for free used and it lasted a good three years before it broke, and it wasn’t the cylinder either, a metal section broke. That one I got for free was one that I had owned the longest and it was just a basic, cheap, task chair.

I don’t know.. it just annoys me really… nothing is made good anymore, it’s all cheap and doesn’t last…