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Bodies the Exhibit

So, my wife and I went to see Bodies the Exhibit yesterday (Friday) at the Carnegie Science Center and it was interesting from what I saw… but the overall experience sucked.

Apparently they had several high schools there and many, many people also. I bought the tickets at the beginning of the month actually hoping we could avoid the crowds, they mention if you buy your tickets before you get there you won’t have to wait and you can avoid the crowds. Now I understand that they need money etc, but it seemed to me that they were just letting as many people as possible in there at the same time.

Each exhibit has a display card telling you what’s going on, and some have a few of them, it was pretty much impossible to read the cards with people standing in the way, literally pushing you out of the way and being generally ignorant. It was so crowded that when you moved you bumped into someone or they bumped into you, and of course no one said excuse me, they basically gave me a dirty look like I was in their way and how dare I try and even look at something they are looking at.

And of course the high school kids that were there were all immature, laughing, giggling and of course pointing out the male and female reproductive systems. One guy was going along and actually fingering the vaginas when he could get to them, and pointing out how great of a job they did at shaving the pubic areas of the women on display… mind you you’re not supposed to touch the displays at all, there are signs all over the place regarding this.

The entire thing took us less than an hour to get through and the experience was not worth the $47 for the tickets and parking on top of that.

I really couldn’t get to see much of what I wanted to see, it was just the most miserable experience I’ve been through regarding the Carnegie….  I can recommend NOT going to see bodies unless you know there won’t be lots of people there, it’s just not worth the money you’ll pay to deal with that…

I was very disappointed at how unprofessional the entire thing was, the Carnegie is usually much better about there exhibits and such.