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Pyle Announces Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Board

I post some tech news here, only the stuff that I think is really cool and the new Illuminated LED Writing Board from Pyle is one of those things..



Pyle Audio, introduces its line of multiple size Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Boards. Pyle’s Writing Boards allow users to make neon signs with LED flashing lights and fluorescent colors. It’s perfectly designed for presentations, supermarkets, restaurants, hair salons, clubs and family parties with its easy hang suspension loops to display the sign everywhere.

Simply write a desired message or draw a picture and light it up for the full neon effect. Pyle’s Writing Board comes with eight fluorescent colored makers and an electronic control box with a remote control that allows you to wirelessly change the multi-colored lights and flashing patterns. The 6mm markers have removable points which change from bullet or chisel tips, so it’s as easy as drawing on paper. The Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Boards come in multiple sizes (16”x12”, 32”x24” and 35”x24”) that are now available at www.PyleAudio.com for $71.99 to $114.99.

“Our team of world class engineers worked diligently to create a message board that provides one of the fastest, most impressive and easiest ways to attract the attention of a passersby,” says Abe Brach, Product Manager. “Users spend a lot of money designing new signs annually, but now they won’t have to. We designed this Eras able Illuminated LED Writing Board as a great way to customize messages while still being environmentally-friendly, economical and durable.”

Pyle’s LED Writing Board is designed for vertical and horizontal display to fit all presentation needs. Don’t get stuck using one dull color, this writing board has flashing modes for multi-color combinations. Allow your kids to get creative at home or use it as a enhanced message board at the office. The LED writing board is fun for all ages and can be used in schools, businesses, classrooms and kids rooms. This 3 pound writing board which has an acrylic panel easily erases by wiping with a damp or dry clean cloth – so the creativity never has to stop.

Product page: http://www.pyleaudio.com/sku/PLWB3040/Erasable-Illuminated-LED-Writing-Board-w-Remote-Control-and-8-Fluorescent-Markers,-16-x-12