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Tech News for Saturday May 28th 2016


Hello, time for the news, I’ve got all kinds of stuff to do but just not enough time to do it. There’s not enough time in the day to get everything done it seems. Now my wifes car just died, it’s dead, axle is cracked, it was a 1998 so I guess it lasted a pretty good while… Anyway, whatever, time for the news…

Reviews and News for Thursday September 25th 2014


So I’m Windows 8, I’ve had it for a long time but finally installed it. Actually no, I had it installed for about a week and then uninstalled it, but I’m back to it and I still don’t like it as I really miss the sidebar gadgets and the real start menu. The tiles don’t work most of the time, they’re supposed to be live and updating but most of them don’t work right. I’ve been trying to find a weather tile that live updates and tried numerous ones and only found one that updates but it doesn’t have all the info I want like my gadget did on Win7. I wish there was a way to put the tiles on the desktop like gadgets, that would be nice. Anyway, read the news…

News and Reviews for November 20th 2013


Time for the news. 

I’ve never sent a letter to a politician before, but I did, to all of them actually about something going on and I never heard back from any of them. Not one responded to me, even when one of them had a little box you can check on their form to request a response. I don’t know what I expected, but I guess no response is what I should have expected right?