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News and Reviews for Wednesday October 23rd 2013


So here’s the news for you and I’m trying to order the part for my washer and Sears is charging $45 to ship it, it’s only 13 ounces, that’s ridiculous. That’s for expedited shipping, and regular shipping is $15.99. Still it’s only 13 ounces in weight. I don’t understand how companies can charge such obscene amounts for shipping, it’s sick that they can get away with it. Whatever.. read the news..

Earjax Gig Series Headphones Review


Another new review by me!

Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/earjax-gig-series-headphones-review/

Quote: "Up for review today I have a set of headphones from Earjax called the Gig series and these are meant to be for budget minded people who would still like quality sound. The Gig series are very inexpensive coming in at well below $20 some places I’ve looked and if you take the price into account, these are a very good set of headphones. The one thing I love about these is the physical size of the earphones themselves, they’re tiny so they fit very well in the ear and they stay there. Included is a nice cloth carrying bag and three sizes of earbud covers so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you. So read on to learn more.."