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Outdoor Sports Locking Carabineer Review

Carabineers are very useful I’ve found, not just for climbing, but for plenty of other uses. I’ve used one for years with my keys, I like to keep my house and car keys and other things separate on my key ring, I just find it makes life easier. I’ve found that a regular carabineer though can pop open if it’s in your pocket and when you pull your keys out not everything will come out as it should together. I get plenty of stuff for review and most of it’s tech, but some of it isn’t and I recently saw a chance to review locking carabineers from Deal Extreme or DX.com and I jumped on the chance as I’ve always wanted to get one but it just wasn’t a priority for me and I never really think of it when I’m shopping. So today for review I’ve got an inexpensive set of five locking carabineers and I thought you might be interested in checking them out…