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Why is it so Hard to Play Blu-Rays on Windows?


I just want to watch my blu-rays while I’m writing. I have four monitors, I use the center and left for work, and then the right one for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Blu-Rays and DVDs and then the 4th is a small one for just other stuff.

Why is it so hard to play blu-rays on Windows, not even just Window 10, I had problems on 8, 7, and Vista and all of them really as far back as I can remember. Yes everything is updated, all drivers, etc and my computer is more than capable of playing blu-rays. I’ve got a Core i7 4790K CPU with 16gb of ram, R9 280 and 7870 video cards, more than enough to play a blu-ray for sure.

I have Power DVD 15 and I have Nero 15 Ultimate Edition, both of which are supposed to play blu-rays. I can’t remember the last time I could play a blu-ray with Nero, I’ve tried and tried but it just won’t work, it gives me some BS error about cannot play this media and of course tells me to upgrade my drivers and blah, blah, blah, all of which is done already.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed too many times to count and yes everything is up to date.

Yesterday I watched a couple blu-rays, today I popped a blu-ray in with Power DVD and got a black screen with sound. I tried another one and got picture but it was horribly distorted and pixelated. It’s a fairly new disc so it’s not damaged and it plays fine in my Xbox One and PS3. What happened between today and yesterday? Nothing at all, I went to sleep and woke up to it not working.

I paid for Power DVD 15, but then Power DVD 16 came out like a week later which pissed me off quite a bit actually, but whatever on that.

I have two Blu-ray players, Samsung and Lite-On, both do the same thing as to errors and not playing so it’s not the hardware.

Why is it so hard to watch what I paid for on my computer?

I’ve got a plethora of HDMI cables, switched them out, tried on different monitors and same thing.

Why is it so hard to just play a blu-ray on Windows?

WinX DVD Ripper Giveaway


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Get WinX DVD Ripper for Only $11.95 Until May 26th


So how about a deal to start the day off with?

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How To Re-Enable ISO Image Burning in Windows 7


So a little while ago I got an SSD and did a clean or fresh install of Windows 7. I do own Nero and I totally forgot to re-install but I needed to burn a DVD from an ISO file. I remember that Windows 7 has this ability built right in and went to do it but when I clicked on the file it popped up the error that no application is associated with this file type. Normally you can double click it or right click and click ‘burn disc image’ but neither of those worked for me. It seems something went awry with the ISO association somewhere. I didn’t want to sit through the install process and update of Nero so I did some searching and figured out a quick way to fix the ISO file association via the registry. Don’t worry you don’t actually have to manually edit the registry.

The fix is simple and quick and it will re-enable ISO and Image association in Windows 7.


All you have to do is copy and paste the below code in the box into notepad and save it as “ISO.reg”

-without the quotes of course….

Once the file is saved, just double click it and say yes to add the entries into the registry and that’s it. Very simple and rather painless and your file associations are set again and you have the right click option available again to burn disc image as well. It will all be back to normal or the way it’s supposed to be.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Disc Image File"






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