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HTC Double Dip Flip Case for HTC One Reviewed


New review by me over on Mobility Digest…


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/review-of-htc-double-dip-flip-case-for-htc-one/

Quote: "HTC makes phones as I’m sure you know but they also make some accessories for those phones. Up for review today I have the Double Dip Flip case form HTC which is designed for the HTC One Android phone. Obviously by the name it’s a flip style case which basically means it has a flip cover for the front. The case offers basic protection and looks pretty good while doing it. The case offers access to all the ports and it even has a built-in stand so you can enjoy your multimedia on the go. So read on…  "

HC C840 Genuine HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell Case Review


New review!

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-hc-c840-genuine-htc-one-double-dip-hard-shell-case/

Quote: "I got a new phone! I got a new phone!! Yep I got the HTC One last week and I’m absolutely loving it, even though I really haven’t played with it all that much… Seriously though it’s a great phone so far, call quality is excellent, and it’s seriously fast and the screen is just gorgeous. I still find it amazing that the HTC One with a 4.7” screen is running the same resolution as my 47” HDTV, but oh well, it’s a beautiful screen plain and simple. One of the first things I do when I get a new phone is get a case and a screen protector, in fact I ordered one of each a week before I knew the phone was arriving! So the case I got was from Amazon, but I got an official HTC case from our friends at Mobile Fun for review which is much better than the cheap one from Amazon. The case I have for review today is the HTC HC C840, or the Double Dip Hard Shell case and it’s a great case overall, well made and it offer a lot of protection for the phone. So read on to learn more…."