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So here’s another number for you filed under ‘scams’ but I’m not sure I would call it a scam actually, well no I would as it is the Republican Party.

Yep the number is for the Republican party calling to poll you.

I find it utterly amazing that politics are exempt from the Do Not Call List. They can call you whenever they want and however many times they want. I’ve gotten five calls in one day from the same number, starting at 8am.. It’s just sickening really…




Here’s another scammy telephone number to add to the list.

I am on both Do Not Call lists for federal and state, but yet I still get these people calling.

This number is for Premier Energy, a scam company trying to get you to switch electric companies. This company was originally Premier Nursing Products Corp and supposedly sold products for nursing mothers now they’re in the oil and gas business. I’d say that’s a hell of a leap to go there…

I’ve read other complaints from people who have had this company call and actually claim they are from another electric company and ask for their account number and bank account number?!

It’s just a scam, don’t answer the phone, block the number and report them and maybe something will happen if enough people complain.