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Digg violates human rights?!

Not exactly violating human rights from what I see, but it’s more of a discrimination thing against gays and lesbians..

To me it doesn’t matter which way you go, I’ve had some best friends that were gay/lesbian, but from what I’ve seen on Digg they are a bit discriminatory against gays and lesbians unless of course it involves a lesbian sex scene or lesbians kissing etc, then of course it’ll hit the front page of Digg….

Becky over at Girl in Short Shorts has been banned from Digg (link HERE to read more), but it gets more interesting when another lesbian related site gets banned from Digg, Lesbiatopia is the name of the site. Apparently the site just doesn’t have enough lesbian sex scenes in it to get dugg by the little boys over there, so of course it gets banned…

There is a mob mentality over at Digg yes, sometimes that’s good but when the mentality is immature then there’s going to be a problem as is happening here now.

So Lesbiatopia is taking things a step further and charging Digg with Human Rights Violations, and is taking their concerns to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission with allegations of homophobia and misogyny. Read about it HERE on their site..

Sometimes we’ve seen the mob over at Digg bury things with their wonderful ‘bury brigade’, but then of course we know for fact that Digg editors bury and/or delete things as well.

Digg is a great site, or at least it was at one point in time, it has changed quite a bit since its humble beginnings, I think they’ve grown to the point where they feel they are above everyone else. What Lesbiatopia is doing might be what’s called for here, maybe bring Digg and its ilk down back to reality, a bit more grounded and bit more understanding to all views..

While I’m sure it will be hard to prove, it will prove to be bad press for Digg though… and that may lead to needed changes in their system.