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Diablo III Errors and Paying to be a Beta Tester


I love the Diablo series, it brings back a lot of memories, I remember the first one and the second one but I won’t be getting the third one any time soon. Why? because I refuse to pay to be a beta tester.

Yep that’s all we as gamers and consumers seem to be doing lately, paying to be a beta tester. The whole Skyrim PS3 thing was just ridiculous, I bought the game on launch day and couldn’t play it due to lag for about five months. That’s sickening making people who paid for a product to wait that many months to be able to actually use the product as it was intended.

I refuse to buy games anymore when they first come out. I will wait until I see the patches are out to fix the issues with the games and by that time I’m sure the price will drop anyway. I still don’t think we should be paying $50 – $60 for a game either, especially ones that have single player sections that only last an hour or so. I’m a single player type of guy, I’m just not into the multiplayer thing and that’s pretty much what you’re paying for with most games. Sure people like multiplayer, I get that, but most of my experiences have been dealing with little brats and their attitudes. I’m 40 years old, I have three kids, I play games to get away from life, to relax and enjoy myself not to deal with little kids and their nasty language and threats.

I’d love to know where these kids parents are that they’re allowed to say the stuff they do online over voice or just text chat. So of it is just disturbing really.

Anyway, back to the point. Why are us gamers dealing with paying to be a beta tester? That’s what we’re doing really. We pay for a basically buggy and unfinished game and then we have to wait until they fix it for us and who know how long that’s going to take. Skyrim is a big example of that, I had to wait almost five months to play it on the PS3. It’s gone, I got rid of it and got the PC version recently. I can play the game and enjoy it with decent FPS and no locking or freezing. I;’m seeing the same thing with Diablo III now, bugs and errors and problems. I want the game, yes I want Diablo III but I’m not going to buy it right now as I want to be able to play it when I want to play it and how I want to play it.

I just don’t get why more people don’t see what is going on here with these companies and these games not working correctly when they launch. Plain and simple we’re paying to be a beta tester for them. They have our money so what real hurry is there to fix things. There’s no incentive really. Sure some bad publicity maybe, but again, they have our money so what the hell do they care if it gets fixed or not?!

Then of course there’s the whole DLC thing but that could be another rant post in itself I’m sure..