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Android Innovation, Fragmentation and Demise @ Mobility Digest


Over at Mobility Digest I posted and article entitled ‘Android Innovation, Fragmentation and Demise’. Which I guess you could call a rant or not…

Here’s a quote: “I just posted about the news of the Galaxy Tab 7 coming to Verizon and in there I ranted a bit, thinking about it more I want to rant some more, or extend my thoughts on all of that. When it comes to Android tablets there’s no doubt we’ve got tons of choices, but the ones from big name companies are very expensive. You can get a similar specd no name tablet for a fraction of the cost of a big name brand but then you run across compatibility issues that really aren’t there but they just appear to be there. The Kocaso 7” Android tablet I recently reviewed here is an example of that, the specs are fairly decent and the tablet itself is nicely made but yet I’ve run across more and more things on Google Play that aren’t compatible with it. They just appear to be incompatible though, I can go over to the Amazon marketplace and get the same thing and it works fine. Who knows why this is exactly?! “

and here’s the link: http://mobilitydigest.com/android-innovation-fragmentation-and-demise/