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Get your very own Flux Capacitor!

Now this is cool.. Diamond Select is taking pre-orders for a replica Flux Capacitor, you know the ‘heart’ of the infamous De Lorean Time Machine from Back to the Future…

From the site:

Today Diamond Select Toys is ready to reveal its first prop replica from the smash-hit Back to the Future film franchise!  The central heart of the De Lorean time machine, the powerful Flux Capacitor will soon be available to fans and amateur time travelers alike! 

Thirty years after meeting a time-traveling Marty McFly, Doc Emmett Brown perfected the device that had made that meeting possible – the awe-inspiring Flux Capacitor!  Capable of controlling the 1.21 jigowatts necessary to power the time-traveling De Lorean, this replica flux capacitor features movie-accurate light effects designed to recreate Marty McFly’s voyage through time in the celebrated 1985 film, Back to the Future.  Measuring over sixteen inches tall, twelve inches wide and six inches deep, this life-size replica features an adjustable power setting for all your time travel needs!

Each Flux Capacitor replica features hand-numbering with a matching box and Certificate of Authenticity.  Look for pre-orders on this item to begin this December and keep coming back to Diamond Select Toys for more updates and sneak peeks at upcoming products!


They’ve got a bunch of other cool stuff too, like assorted things from Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Hellboy, Stargate, Star Trek and lot more…   So stop by and check them out HERE