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Chase Customer Support is Useless and Incompetent

So I just want to pay on my car.

I’m on hold yet again as I type this actually, I’m at 2 1/2 hours on the phone with these people. At this point in time I’ve spoke to 17 different people.

I’ve heard numerous excuses as to why I can’t make my payment.

It’s due the 21st of this month.

I almost always pay it early via their online banking system, but now for some unknown reason I cannot do it.

It says I owe $0.00 but it’s due on the 21st of March. Now I have a paper bill here that says my payment amount and due date of course.

Yes I’ve asked to speak to supervisors about this but suspiciously three times when I asked I was hung up on.

They told me that I wasn’t actually hung up on, it’s because I was using a cell phone and it was my phone that cut me off. I told them i don’t think so because I was bounced back to the main menu when I asked to speak to a supervisor, so to me that is the same as being hung up on. They of course didn’t know what to say at that point since I proved them wrong.

I was then told that the reason I couldn’t make my payment was because I was using FireFox and I was told to use Internet Explorer… SURPRISE the same thing happens with IE… ( I thought that was rather funny they would even suggest that, it’s 2010 and I think we should be able to use our browser of choice and not be told to use IE)

I was then told that I couldn’t make my payment because it’s too early?!?!?  What the frak does that mean? I’m not allowed to pay early now?!!? Is this a ploy to make sure they get their late fees from me? Do they need that $$ that bad that they won’t let me pay early just so they get the fee?

Again, I’m on the phone with them right now… they told me to log out and they’ll trouble shoot my account, I log back in and my account is gone, log back out, log back in and my account is there again but I still cannot pay my bill.

I even emailed the account executive for Chase but never hard back of course…

I emailed them as well through the online banking system and they told me to call the same number that I’ve been calling.

Apparently no one writes notes on the accounts as to any problems either, I’ve had to explain my problem 17 times now to 17 different people.

So I was told now that someone should be calling me back soon, what are the chances of that actually happening?!