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Colcasac Custom Zagora Case for HTC Titan Review


Another review by me over on Mobility Digest…

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-colcasac-custom-zagora-case-for-htc-titan/

Quote: "Hello all, good morning to you! I’m back with another review of a case for your phone. The product I have today is from Colcasac and it’s a custom made case for my HTC Titan Windows Phone but you can get one made for any phone or you can pick from one of their standard ready made to order cases as well. Colcasac products are what we consider green and are made from natural and recycled products that are environmentally friendly. The case I got for my Titan is from their Zagora line, it’s essentially a cloth pouch with a thick fleece lining but the pouch is made from durable hemp basket weave canvas for durability. So read one to learn more…"

PosR.us Custom Screen Protector for Idolian TouchTab 10 Review



Quote: A little bit ago I reviewed a screen protector for the Le Pan Android tablet from PosR.us and I loved it, it works great and protects the tablet. I also have another Android tablet from Idolian called theTouchTab 10 and it has the same problem that the le Pan does and that’s a very glossy screen. The screen is like a mirror truly and I have a thing for having screen protectors on everything I own so I went to PosR.us to see if they had a screen protector. They don’t carry one for this specific tablet but they can make custom screen protectors for you.