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CrazyOnDigital Hard Acrylic Case for PS Vita Review


Link: http://reviewthetech.com/2012/05/19/crazyondigital-hard-acrylic-case-for-ps-vita-review/

Quote" "I’m back with another review of inexpensive PS Vita accessory I found over at Amazon. It’s called the CrazyOnDigital Hard Acrylic Case for Sony PlayStation PS Vita and the price is under $6 without shipping which isn’t too bad but sadly I think that’s about all this case is worth really. Overall I guess the case isn’t bad, it does seem to be able to protect the Vita adequately but the case just feels and looks rather cheap honestly; maybe I was expecting too much for something that costs so little. Read one to learn more…"

Review of CrazyOnDigital Silicon Skin Case for Sony PlayStation PS Vita



Link: http://reviewthetech.com/2012/03/29/review-of-crazyondigital-silicon-skin-case-for-sony-playstation-ps-vita/

Quote: The Sony PS Vita is a gorgeous looking device and if you want it to stay that way you need a case for it. I do have the official Sony PS Vita case that works well for the most part, but that’s only protecting the Vita while it’s in the case. I wanted something else to protect my Vita while it wasn’t in the case and honestly I’m cheap so off to Amazon I went and found a silicon case for the Vita for only $2.99. I like finding deals and for the most part many of the things I get inexpensively do a decent job. There are exceptions though of course but this one isn’t bad overall, so read on…