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Tragedy Strikes Again! Another HDD bites the dust

I swear if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all… last month I had two hard drives up and die on me.. not a big deal they weren’t important but still inconvenient as hell though….

So normally I do my backups every Sunday evening when I get some alone time, today I went to access my videos and pictures from the Cyberconxion last night and my HDD is acting all goofy, so I restarted the computer and I get a nice Corrupt Master File Table error.. this means I’m pretty much screwed… on my laptop now while I’m trying to rebuild the MFT, it’s 200gigs so it takes a LONG time to scan the drive to find the mirror MFT to rebuild from… it really pisses me off that this drive is only a couple months old, I think it’s still in warranty, it was a refurb segate, but I don’t care too much about the actual drive I just want the data, it’s all my work from all week, things I cannot get back, including pictures from my sons Christmas party he had at school on Friday…

…so of course this HDD had to crash on the day do my backups didn’t it? I do manual backups, but I do believe now I will be doing daily backups to TWO separate HDDs only updating the changes, it might be a waste of space but in the end it will have to be worth it right?

I’ve got to be cursed… this stuff only happens to me I swear, and I just don’t understand… I must have been one mean evil MOFO in my last life, because only that can explain the nasty shit I’ve had happen to me in my 35 years on this earth…..