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Real Coca Cola is here!

YES!! My local grocery store is carrying Mexican made Coca-Cola!  (I was going to write Mexican Coke, but that just didn’t sound right!?!)

That means it’s made with real sugar and not HFCS!


On the downside though, they’re charging $1 per bottle for it…

Tried Pepsi Throwback…

I’m a Coke drinker myself, and I don’t like Pepsi at all. Today though I was at the gas station and they had bottles of Pepsi Throwback so I thought I’d grab one thinking maybe real sugar might help the taste.

And Nope, I still don’t like Pepsi with corn syrup or without.

I do like Mountain Dew Throwback, it does taste better than regular Mountain Dew.

For now I’ll just stick with my Coke, in cans, not bottles. Yes I’m picky, it does taste different.