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Chinon Announces DIY 35mm Camera Kit


This is actually kind of cool, I like it. The PR below says the camera is called the L.A.S.T. but on the Chinon site it’s called the Powershovel DIY Film Camera Kit. I put the direct link to the camera at the bottom of the PR below so you don’t have to search for it.

(Reading a bit further it’s called the LAST camera but it’s from a company called Powershovel in Japan..)

Not sure what I would do with it but it would be fun to make..


Have you ever wanted to build your own camera? Have you ever wondered how a traditional film camera works? Are you looking for a fun, educational project to share with students or your family?
If so, the Chinon L.A.S.T. (Learning-Achieving-Sharing-Teaching) camera kit is right for you. Available at www.chinonshop.com, it  is the 35mm film camera you assemble yourself. Once built, it is a fully functional point and shoot film camera that takes photos the good old fashioned way.
The L.A.S.T. has two interchangeable lenses, standard view angle (45mm) and ultra-wide view angle (22mm). Swap the normal back cover with the light leak back cover to take amazingly creative photos. Long exposure photography — a rare find on digital point and shoot camera — is also possible with the camera’s Bulb mode.
Don’t think that’s enough? Not only can you build your own camera, you can also dress the camera to express your own personal flare. The front plates are removable for easy decoration. So go ahead and spray it, paint it, engrave it… let the world know your special style, ideas and designs. In addition, Chinon offers pre-made decorative labels for the front panels to customize the camera.
This holiday season, whether you’re looking to rekindle your passion for old school image-making, or hoping to teach a new generation about the basics of photography, the L.A.S.T. camera is a great way to go about it. Let’s turn back time and experience the Golden Days of Photography. There is still plenty that can be learned from film through the fun of building this beautiful film camera.
The L.A.S.T. camera from Chinon is available at www.chinonshop.com for $59.99 (USD) and comes with one free front panel label.

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