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Power Practical USB Practical Meter with Fast Charge Cable Review


Yep.. new review by me!


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-power-practical-usb-practical-meter-with-fast-charge-cable/

"Until recently I never really thought about USB ports. I mean I use them all of the time, mostly for charging my phone and other devices and USB flash drives, so they’re just there ready for me to use them as I need to. I’ve never wondered or I guess really cared as to how well they actually perform their duty like charging my phone. Recently a company called Power Practical has a Kickstarter campaign for a little gadget called the Practical Meter which was fully funded and more and now it’s available for purchase. The Practical Meter is a small flash drive like device that allows you to test any USB port and it tells you how much power that port will provide for charging. You might think that most all USB ports are the same but you’d be wrong as I found out through my testing with the Meter. So today for review I have the Power Practical Meter and a three in one USB fast charging cable that comes with it. So read on…"

Candywirez Micro USB to USB Sync and Charge Cable Review


Link: http://reviewthetech.com/2013/12/02/candywirez-micro-usb-to-usb-sync-and-charge-cable-review/

Quote:  "When you think of USB cables you think of plain old black ones, sure they work but they’re just really plain. Candywirez has sent me over one of their versions of a microUSB cable and I have to say it’s certainly unique and I very much like it.  The cable is five feet long and it’s the flat or tangle free style but the best part I think is that it comes in a variety of colors. I like the colored cable because it just doesn’t blend in with all my black cables and that makes it much easier to find. Read on… "