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InnoVaper Precision Ceramic Tweezers Review


Yeah, new review by me…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-innovaper-precision-ceramic-tweezers/

Quote: “I review a lot of things and one thing I wish I reviewed more of was tools. I don’t mean power tools, but those would be cool, but I’m talking more of electronic and computer related tools. When you think of electronic and computer tools you probably think of screwdrivers and testers, but one of the most useful tools I have are tweezers. I have, I don’t know how many pairs of tweezers in all assorted shapes, styles and sizes and they come in very handy for all kinds of things.  When you’re building a computer and you drop a screw down inside it can be very hard to get at, a pair of tweezers can help. One problem is that most tweezers are metal making them conductive and possibly magnetic which isn’t the best for computer work obviously. I’ve also used tweezers while soldering and they can get hot, I found that out the hard way of course. The point is that tweezers can be extremely handy for all sorts of jobs big and small. Today for review I probably have the nicest pair of tweezers I’ve ever come across. These tweezers are sold for the vaping crowd, but they’d make an excellent addition to any computer or electronic toolbox for sure. These tweezers have ceramic tips making them non-magnetic, non-conductive and even heat resistant. Read on to learn more… “