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O2 Hurricane 220+ MPH Canless Air Industrial Yellow Rechargeable Duster Review


Neat product..

Link:  http://technogog.com/review/review-of-o2-hurricane-220-mph-canless-air-industrial-yellow-rechargeable-duster/

“If you have a computer chances are you’ve got a canned of compressed air nearby to keep things clean, I know I do, I’ve got a few of them but they’re not the best product on the market for sure. Canned air is expensive and it’s not exactly environmentally friendly and it can be dangerous if use improperly. I’ve been searching for something to replace canned air and I bought the O2 Hurricane Industrial rechargeable duster and it’s not a bad product overall, it won’t replace canned air but I’ve found I buy less of it now. Read on to learn more.. ”