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Amazon Deal: $3 Off Tiergrade 6 Pack Micro USB Cables


I’ve got a deal for you, $3 off a set of 6 varying sizes of micro USB cables, some info for you and code at the bottom:

Tiergrade [6-Pack] Micro USB (1ft, 3ft X3, 6ft, 10ft)- High Speed
Data Sync and Fastest Charging Cable [Assorted Lengths] with metal[Aluminum
Alloy] connector-USB2.0 A Male to Micro B Cord

-Extra Durability: Compact, stainless steel connector and heat-resistance
Aluminum sheath ensure these USB charging cables high quality for 5000+ bend
-Fast Charging: USB 2.0 A for high speed charge & sync, supports
480-Mbps transmission speed which is 23% faster than the average marketplace USB
cables; Compatible with Quick Charge 2.0
-Updated Connector: Super slim tip
design ensures compatibility with any protective case.
Compatibility: Sync and charge the most popular smartphones, tablets, MP3
players, PDAs, cameras, hard drives, handheld game consoles, controllers,
printers, e-readers and other Micro USB-charged devices via your computer or USB
-Convenient Backup: 6 pack set comes in different lengths for any
occasion no matter you charging your devices in pocket or in bed: 1 ft x 1, 3 ft
x 3, 6 ft x 1, 10 ft x 1, also with 18 months WARRANTY

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Tiergrade-Charging-Assorted-Aluminum-connector-USB2-0/dp/B01KPSJY1C/
date: 10/9
Listing Price: 12.99
Final Price: 9.99

eForCity Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter Cable Review


Blah, blah blah… new review by me..

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-eforcity-micro-usb-otg-to-usb-2-0-adapter-cable/

“I’ve got another quick review for you of a very useful product, at least for me anyway, it’s a microUSB to USB adapter that can be used with tablet and cellphones with accessories or even storage. The cable is from a company called eForCity but it might also be from a company called Insten. The packaging says one thing and the Amazon page for it where I purchased it says something else, so who knows, doesn’t really matter does it?  Anyway, read on to learn more… ”

Kollea Cable Clips Review


Yep, another one…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-kollea-cable-clips/

Quote: “I’ve got a very quick review today for something that I’m not sure what category it should fall under or maybe I have to make a new category, it’s cable clips or cable organizers from Kollea. The clips are small round half-circles with three slots in them and adhesive on the back, simple product that comes in handy, or at least I thought they would be handy. Read on to learn more.”

Crabby Digital Premium 6ft Micro USB Cable Review


Yep new review by me over on Technogog..

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-crabby-digital-premium-6ft-micro-usb-cable/

“Are all USB cables created equal? I don’t think so, some are better than others, not only in how they’re made or what they look like but in what they can handle in terms of power or voltages and amperage’s. Today for review Crabby Digital has sent me over what they call their Premium Micro USB Cable which is six feet long and it’s flat making it tangle free, but what’s more important is that the cable can handle up to 2amps of power allowing you to charge your devices quickly. Read on to learn more… ”

Reach Cables 10 Foot Droid Charging microUSB Cable Review


Long cable…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-reach-cables-10-foot-droid-charging-microusb-cable/

“Up for review today I’ve got a simple product but one that’s very useful, it’s a microUSB cable but it’s 10 feet long, the longest USB cable I’ve ever seen that’s for sure. The cable is from a company called Reach Cables and it’s braided for durability and it looks nice as well. Read on to learn more… ”

Moopti dio Reversible USB Cable Review


New review by me on Technogog:

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-moopti-dio-reversible-usb-cable/

Quote: “Today for review I have a gaming mousepad that is both hard and soft offering the qualities of a cloth mousepad while also offering the slickness of a hard mousing surface. The pad is called the Kairos Pro and it’s from Sentey, it’s about twelve inches by ten inches in size so it should fit most desk spaces. The pad though is soft like cloth and can be rolled up but yet it does have a hard plastic surface that offers excellent tracking no matter how fast or slow you move your mouse. Read on to learn more.. “

Power Practical USB Practical Meter with Fast Charge Cable Review


Yep.. new review by me!


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-power-practical-usb-practical-meter-with-fast-charge-cable/

"Until recently I never really thought about USB ports. I mean I use them all of the time, mostly for charging my phone and other devices and USB flash drives, so they’re just there ready for me to use them as I need to. I’ve never wondered or I guess really cared as to how well they actually perform their duty like charging my phone. Recently a company called Power Practical has a Kickstarter campaign for a little gadget called the Practical Meter which was fully funded and more and now it’s available for purchase. The Practical Meter is a small flash drive like device that allows you to test any USB port and it tells you how much power that port will provide for charging. You might think that most all USB ports are the same but you’d be wrong as I found out through my testing with the Meter. So today for review I have the Power Practical Meter and a three in one USB fast charging cable that comes with it. So read on…"