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I hate people….

So last week the 9th, my wife went to pick kids up from daycare, my 2yr old son, opened the car door a bit farther than my wife had opened it and it touched the car next to ours, it left a scuff mark that could be rubbed out with your finger.. big deal right?

Not a f*cking chance, I just got a phone call from my insurance company that these people filed a claim and that there’s a huge dent in their car…

how much damage could a 2yr old do really?

The thing that bugs me the most is of coruse that I wasn’t there to see this, but what really intrigues me is that the car itself has not been there since this incident so I can’t even look to see the damage of take pictures..

The lady was rude and ignorant and sceamed at my wife, my wife came home upset and crying because of this stupid lady…

My wife says it’s an older car anyway with numerous dents and dings in it, but still though how much damage could a 2yr old do in like two feet of space between the cars…

Also what bothers me is that the lady said she was going to talk to her husband and see if he could possibly do something bout it, now I don’t think this guy is an autobody expert, so I’m suspicious that this guy may have done more damge when he tried to ‘fix’ it..

it was a scuff, you could have rubbed it off with your finger, there’s no work that was needed to fix it…

I’m tired of being nice, I’m sick of it, no one else is so why should I be right?!?

I’ve got numerous dents and dings in my car from that parking lot, the first was when my car was only two months old, I was dropping off ky kids and wasn’t even in there for 10 minutes, it’s a very large mark on my bumper where even the paint is missing, but of course¬† NO ONE claimed it or apologized for it….

Global Warming is a bunch of BS!!

Exactly what I just said, it’s all a bunch of bull-poop!!

It’s May 28th and I’ve got to have my furnace on, it’s going to be in the 30s tonight.. the Fracking 30’s!!! That’s just a few degrees above freezing and it’s a few days before JUNE!!!!!!!

I thought Global Warming meant that it was getting warmer not COLDER!

But wait I could bet that if you mentioned something like this to one of those experts they’d tell you it’s cold BECAUSE of Global Warming, and I could also bet that if it was going to be 100 degrees tonight they would also say it’s because of global warming….

the average low according to the almanac is 53F, and the record low was 35F in 1971

May 28th and the upper 30’s for tonight… there’s something wrong with the science there, if it’s actually getting warmer then it shouldn’t be in the 30’s a few days before June

This sucks, yesterday I was sweating, today I’m freezing.. let me guess, that’s because of global warming right?