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Hosting Companies, I don’t like GoDaddy anymore and shopping for a new webhost

So Bluefur was offering a special this month for 1year of hosting for $10, I figured why not go for it, I’ve been meaning to set up another site for sometime now and I thought that would be perfect for it… it’s another techie blog, not quite finished yet though… not sure if I’m happy with it.

I found the special over at JohnChow.com his post about the special is HERE and I see there are only 63 packages left as of writing this post.

But I just wanted to say that Bluefur is really cool, especially compared to GoDaddy… obviously I transfer all the information via FTP, pictures etc to my DragonSteelMods and this account. If you have a WordPress or any website you do this as well most likely.

Transferring stuff to my new site via FTP on Bluefur was amazingly fast, I was shocked by how fast it was, the site itself is very snappy and fast also. My GoDaddy accounts are slow to do this, originally I just though it was my internet service that was slow for uploading, but as I can see now that’s not the case it’s GoDaddy that is slow.

Bluefur also has some great customer support as well, I was thinking of just migrating this blog over to them before I decided to create the new site and I had numerous questions about the migration process and other questions as well. They answered all of my questions quickly and actually answered them.

I’ve been thinking about moving DragonSteelMods for some time now to a new hosting service and I’ve been looking into many of them, emailing my questions and seeing what kind of support I can get.

Some companies haven’t even responded yet! How can you not respond to an email from a prospective new client or customer?

I had another company (media temple) who just quoted my the things that were on there website and never really answered my questions. I even went so far as to point this out to them, that they didn’t answer my questions and they just quoted me from their website, I got back a response that was yet another quote from their website…

If you can’t answer simple questions for a prospective customer then how can you expect that customer to give you their business? If that’s what I can expect from support there is no way I’ll be working with them…

Another reason I need to leave GoDaddy is that they recently migrated my website to god know where, and now it’s much slower than it was before, and I’ve noticed a drop in traffic as well since this migration occurred.

This is the reason my account was migrated:

Your hosting account, dragonsteelmods.com, is being migrated to
a new server within the next 24 hours.

So that we may continue providing the highest quality of service
to all of our customers, we are working to reduce the Java server
capacity being used by hosting accounts that are not utilizing
JSP/Servlets functionality.

I’m not by any means an expert or even a knowledgeable person when it come so to the hosting end of websites so I have no clue what that means exactly… Can anyone tell me?

but since the site has become slower that means it really is time to move on to a new webhost, and that isn’t going to be easy at all with my site. At the moment it takes about 6 hours to download for backup, my site via FTP, I’ve got some 19 thousand pages, and thousands and thousands of pictures stored there. It’s gonna be fun but I do believe that I’ll be moving to Bluefur!