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Subaru Forester Blinking Check Engine Light Rapidly

SO here’s something goofy…

A couple weeks ago I was cleaning my car, on the passenger side, beneath the dash I saw to wires hanging with green connectors on them. They were obviously made for each other, male and female. I thought hmm, this shouldn’t be unconnected right? So I connected them, that was a mistake.

The next day I turned my car on and the check engine light was blinking quickly and I thought wow, now what’s the problem. I just hit 1,000 miles on my car so I couldn’t figure out what could possibly be wrong.

I called the dealership to set up maintenance appointment and told them what I did and the problem. They set me up with the appt and I figured that was that.

Being the resource guy that I am I did some searching and found that they’re actually supposed to be unconnected.

I found the cause and what they’re for on the Subaru Legacy Forums actually. The plugs are for a few thing like re-flashing the computer.



So I went and unplugged them and the light stopped flashing.

I called to tell them I fixed it and cancel my service appointment and I ended up speaking to another tech. I explained it to him and he said yes that’s common and he didn’t know why the other tech didn’t know this or why he made an appointment for me foe something so trivial..


Live and learn I guess…

At this point I jammed the wires back up into the console, never to be seen again.