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Wow… Long time no posting and some links

Wow.. I‘ve just been so busy with work I kinda forgot about this blog of mine… but really didn’t, I mean I think about posting to it all of time, but just have no time..

I’ve got a ton of cool stuff though for review with more on the way..

The Epson MovieMate 60 Projector is just awesome… I love it, too bad it has to go back.. darn…


I’m trying to find more writers and reviewers for all of the sites, I think I found a couple, but we’ll see..

I need techie articles more than anything, even little ones would be fine, like tips and tricks or even top ten lists..

Wanna write? hit me up at the Contact me…


oh and I ruined my hat… I washed it, now it’s this flat scrunchy looking thing… it didn’t say NOT to wash it, and I mean it’s a hat, you’ll wash it eventually. For that matter I wash anything new before I wear it, who knows where it’s been or who else may have been wearing it right?

Got my first review up on Wii Digest on January 2nd.. also added more box shots to the gallery as well, with more coming.. and I’ve got more games to review there and i may have a couple people to write over there as well..

The review is Ju-on The Grudge Haunted House Simulator


I thought it was going to be a good game, but the controls are just terrible..


Stuff from TestFreaks:

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Verizon Wireless Gateway LT 2016u Netbook

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Verizon HP Mini 311-1037NR Netbook

Epson WorkForce 1100 Wide-format Printer

Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU Cooler


There’s others on TestFreaks as well, but those are mine..


Here’s a few from DragonSteelmods as well, mine and Toms..

Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler

GlideTV Navigator Review

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and here’s some from iGadgetLife:

NetSecure SmartSwipe Review

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Thermaltake Massive23 CS Notebook Cooler

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and here’s two from MobilityDigest:

Advent ADV800XM 4" Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigation System

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and one from Xbox360Dgiest also:

Review: Xbox 360 Starter Pack


Yeah.. I’m rather busy..


I did also post some stuff over at Bona Fide Reviews as well, but the site is under maintenance right now so I can’t link to it just this minute..

‘Broom Smoke’ an at…

If you’re not from Pittsburgh you don’t understand the ‘an at’..

but anyway, so the people who had this house before us decided to add an addition to the house, it’s small room that is the laundry room, room enough for washer/dryer a little space to walk around and some shelves and cupboards, it’s off of the kitchen. It’s, I would estimate 10 feet x 15 feet, Nice idea but bad design, it’s actually a ‘real addition’ to the house, they knocked out some bricks, added a couple doors, plumbing and that’s it.. no heat at all, so every year the pipes would freeze, so of course they burst over the winter and ruined the floor and wall so I’m in process of repairing it.

The floor, well it was bad when we moved in, but throw a nice rug down and it’s fine, one of those things that I’ll get too eventually… well eventually is here, I decided to take a closer look at the damage and it’s not repairable without a whole lot of work and money, the floor that is, the walls are an easy fix, some drywall/paint and it’s done.

So I decided to just refinish the original hard wood flooring in the kitchen, three sub floors, two sets of tiles and one layer of linoleum later I’ve gotten down to the wood and surprisingly it’s not that bad, all of those layers protected it from the water. There were slight watermarks but they sanded right out with no problems, there is a funky patch in the back corner but no one will see it as the shelves and fridge will be there anyway so I’m not too worried about it.

Anyway I was doing a bit of this work on Saturday while my kids were home, and my 2 yr old thought it was really cool and watched me most of the time doing this, he says I broke the kitchen and floor… anyway I was sweeping up and of course there was dust there as well, a lot of dust actually and the baby was watching me and he says ‘daddy, you made broom smoke!’  Kids are a trip, especially him, he just comes up with the wildest things..

anyway, I’m just extremely busy, but then again when am I not? I’m also in process of redoing my steps as well, they’re concrete and I’m averaging every two years I need to repair them, it’s getting tedious and annoying. So I’m trying a new approach, I went and spent a few hundred dollars on treated wood planks to cover the steps with, those things are expensive at $13 a piece. Of course though that’s not the only expense, I needed special screws for the wood, and tapcons (special concrete anchor screws) and some liquid nails as well to be safe! Now I just need it to stop raining for a few days so I can get the steps done!

Oh well..

RickRoll WTF?!?!?!

I must be too old or something, I don’t understand or find anything at all funny about this whole RickRoll thing going on now…

It’s asinine and childish from what I’ve seen, I didn’t think I was that old, I’m only 36, have I lost my sense of humor?

Or am I more mature than those who find the whole RR thing amusing and funny?

I don’t understand it all all… and I can’t figure out what is so funny about them.

I don’t know…

Digg and its’ Top Diggers


Digg is a great site overall, and I visit it quite a few times during the day to check out what’s going on and there’s usually something I find interesting on the front page.

This recent little debacle, revolt, or whatever the hell you want to call got me to thinking, how do these ‘Top Diggers’ get to those top spots?

I mean they’re the so-called Elite of Digg right? This essentially means that they submit the most stories right? The most stories that hit the front page etc… but how?

Don’t they have jobs? Don’t they have families? How do you just spend all of your time searching through stuff to find things to submit to Digg? I mean they’re not getting paid for it right? So, I have to guess that they are independently wealthy and I guess have nothing better to do with their time than find things to submit to Digg?

What did they do B.D. ? Before Digg? Seriously though, what did these guys do before Digg came around?

Don’t they have lives? Especially since it seems they hold so much weight on Digg, they’ve got to have money or something?! This latest little ‘revolt’ or ‘bunch of immature geeks crying because they didn’t get their way’ just proves that the power is not with the people… it’s with a select few that have nothing else to do in the world except try and find things to submit to Digg…

Then of course there’s the bury squad.. which I don’t even want to get into…

and of course all the other trends that we see on Digg like linking to blogs that link to three or four other places before they get to the actual story… Why do I have to wade through all of that just to read the story that interests me?

lately I’ve seen a lot of Engadget and Gizmodo appearing on the front page, don’t get me wrong, it’s not getting on them, I visit them often as well, but they’re a prime example of Diggs that take you to five other places to get to the original story… I’m guessing it’s because they are popular so that when someone sees the name Engadget or Gizmodo they blindly Digg it and it hits the front page shortly thereafter…

Prime example is something I submitted, this was a while ago, but I linked to the original story, 4 days later it’s on the front page but linked to Engadget and they linked to another, and they linked to another and they linked to yet another to finally get to the story… it’s goofy. They complain about Blogspam all the time on there but yet it’s there all the time on the front page, I see people all the time complaining about the same thing, why don’t you link to the original story instead of linking to a blog that then links to other blogs…

and as for the users on Digg, well most of them need to grow up, I don’t comment often because its pointless, immediately you’ll have someone flaming you and then burying you because they agree with the flamer, even though the flamer has no clue as to what was actually meant by the comment and just doesn’t plain understand it..

Oh well.. that’s enough.. bah


Happy New Year… I guess…

Umm.. Happy New Year I guess…

I still feel like blah, but not as bad as I was…

and my mom is now officially on the Liver Transplant waiting list and it’s going to be a while apparently before she gets out of the hospital..  so she now has an infection in her kidneys and her liver, and her spleen is enlarged as well… they are talking about putting a shunt? or stint? in place to help drain the fluid, supposedly it will go straight to her kidneys so she won’t have to keep coming back to the hospital to have it taken care of ‘manually’ this is of course just temporary while she awaits a transplant…

What a way to start the new year eh?