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Ghirardelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao

I’ve always had a sweet spot for dark chocolate, so DSCF3996 browsing the aisles yesterday I had a craving for chocolate and spotted some very dark chocolate from Ghiradelli with 86% cacao content. It’s aptly named Intense Dark with a sub-name of Midnight Reverie. You can find it on the Ghirardelli website HERE

I picked up this bar at CVS Pharmacy Store near me for $2.50 each. Not bad, it’s a fairly large bar at 3.17oz or 90grams.

From the back of the bar:

The deep, full bodied flavor is noticeable upfront with hints of dark cherries, dried plums and roasted flavor from the high cacao content. The supremely smooth texture has a fine, crisp snap with overall round, warm chocolate notes that linger for lasting, enchanting finish.

This stuff is very dark and bitter, it’s almost as if there’s DSCF4012 no sugar in it at all, and as the description implies it does have a very lingering taste, this chocolate is very good, but it is very strong. For those of you not into dark chocolate I’d suggest staying away from this as it is very bitter and does stay with you for quite a while. This type of chocolate is the type that you only eat one or two squares at a sitting, then wrap it back up for later consumption.

This is nothing like Hershey’s Semi-Sweet chocolate, actually not even in the league with it…

The aroma is strong as well, with a very faint nutty fragrance, specifically like hazelnuts. Tasting it one finds an almost sour taste as it melts on your tongue, and when swallowing it feels thick and pasty in the throat. Overall it’s a very satisfying experience that will linger in your mouth for quite a bit afterwards and alter the tastes of any food that follows…

I can highly recommend this chocolate to anyone who appreciates a good dark chocolate bar!