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Rant: All these Fees Suck!

So far this month I’ve racked up $28.80 in fees from Paypal for receiving payments…

we know Paypal is ridiculous with their fees… but this is adding up quickly now…

It costs me $2.50 to withdraw money from my Paypal account at an ATM, but then Paypal charge me $1 on top of that.. so it costs me $3.50 to get my own money?!?!

and I thought it was free to get money if I bought something with my Paypal card, y’know if I buy something and get cash back.. but apparently it’s not, they charge $1 for that as well…


I paid my Electric Bill yesterday over the phone and it cost me $5.95

I paid my car today over the phone and it cost me $10 ?!?!

Stupid Chase Auto Finance doesn’t have an online payment system in my state.. I don’t quite understand that though, what exaclty does the state have to do with online payments?

-my last car was through Chrysler and I could easily pay them on the web every month, the fee was 50 cents but I’d take 50 cents over $10 anyday obviously..

Seriously, WTF?!  Why do I have to pay to give them my money?

I mean, you want my money, but I have to pay you to give it to you.. how does that work?!?

I wonder if all of these fees are tax deductible?