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How To Fix AMD Cursor Corruption

It’s sad that ATI or AMD still hasn’t fixed the pointer corruption issue with their video cards. It’s still there even in my 7850, and it was there years ago. I don’t understand why they can’t just fix it? They can make the fastest video cards on the market but can’t fix a tiny cursor issue?!

There is a quick and dirty fix for it though, add pointer trails to your cursor.


Yes I know they’re annoying so set them to the shortest and they really can’t be seen. Ever since I turned them on I’ve had no more corruption with my cursor.

ATI Cursor Problem

Hey AMD/ATI fix the damn cursor problem that you’ve had for over a year now..

I thought it was a video card issue, but I’ve got two 4870 cards and one 4890 card and they all do it when running windows 7. The cursor gets all weird and big when running ATI cards on Windows 7..

ATI and AMD have known about the problem but apparently just refuse to fix it.

The only fix I have is to turn Pointer Trails on or click the box for Display Pointer Trails and then slide the slider all the way to the left for short trails. The trails are not really visible at all, and I haven’t had the problem with the big cursor either.

Still though ATI/AMD needs to fix the issue.. if you hop over to their forums you’ll find many posts on the subject with a lot of unhappy customers..