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How To Easily Disable Aero Shake and Snap in Windows 7


Aero Shake and Snap are enabled by default in Windows 7 and I find them annoying personally. Many times I’ve grabbed a window to move and moved it too fast and Windows thought I was shaking so all of my open windows disappeared. Sure I could just bring them back up, but for whatever reason Aero Shake kills my CCTV security program. I run four monitors, three across the bottom that are 23” – 27” – 23” and then I have a 19” up and to the right above them for email, CCTV and weather and clock/timer and whatever else. Aero Shake kills my CCTV program and it’s just annoying so I wanted to stop it from doing that.

Aero Snap is annoying as well as it sometimes activates when you don’t want it to. Both Shake and Snap are enabled by default in Windows 7 if you’re using Aero.

I went looking for a solution and found ways to disable it via the registry but there is a much easier way. Messing with the registry can be hassle and dangerous to your system if you do it wrong. There are places you could just download the registry fix, but downloading things isn’t exactly safe either so I thought there had to be an easier way.