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A Police State or Guilty until proven innocent!

So a few days ago my wifes cousin got arrested, he’s 18 years old and from what I know he’s never been in trouble with the law… the best part is that he didn’t do anything to get arrested except look like someone.

Apparently some guy got jumped, beat up, robbed etc by a group of (insert word here) and my wifes cousin was wearing clothes similar to what one of the guys were wearing.. sweatpants and sweatshirt (common clothing isn’t it?). Anyway, from a distance the victim pointed him out as being one of the ones that assaulted him, well the police didn’t ask any questions at all, six of them jumped on this 18yr old kid, handcuffed him and scared the shit out of him.. he ended up with a concussion, and scrapes and bruises all over his body.. he was trying to ask them what he did and they were screaming at him to shut up or they’ll taser him?!?!

So after they roughed him up, they put him in the patrol car and took him over to the victim to identify, of course the victim said NO it’s not him…

so our wonderful police of course had to let him go because he didn’t do anything, but now he’s like afraid to leave his house, and he’s traumatized and rightly so…

and the police came over and said ‘sorry’ and that’s it.

hrmmm……  there’s a problem with our police abusing their authority, I don’t think they’re supposed to assault someone and then ask questions