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1byone 4000mAh Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


Battery case for my Samsung Galaxy S6…not bad overall, but a bit bulky

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-1byone-4000mah-extended-battery-case-for-samsung-galaxy-s6/

“The Samsung Galaxy S6 is an excellent phone but the battery life isn’t that great, I find myself recharging it at least once per day, and more often if I use it more. You could carry an external battery with you, that’s an option and you can always make sure you have a car charger but sometimes neither of those is an option. Today for review I have the 4000mAh Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 from 1byone and it’s just like it sounds, a case with as built-in battery for your S6. Read on to learn more.. “

Video Review of Energizer Energi to Go XP4001 4000mAh Portable Battery


Another new review by me..

Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/energizer-energi-to-go-xp4001-4000mah-portable-battery-video-review/

Quote: “More power, yes it’s another external or portable battery video review today for you. This one is from Energizer and it’s the Energi to Go XP4001 4000mAh portable battery which features dual USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices at the same time. So read on to learn more… “