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3D Printed Face Hugger Again

Here’s another Face Hugger from Alien but this one is different and it was hard to assemble. The legs and tail and part of the body are hollow and inside of them I had to put elastic and wires to make him or it articulated or to be able to be posed and stay that way.

gimmehug gimmehug2

3D The Beatles Yellow Submarine Display

So I decided to create a display stand for the Yellow Submarine and I went a bit overboard maybe as I 3D printed The Beatles logo and then I used 3D pen to create a background of The Beatles and the Yellow Submarine which is a copy of the album cover essentially, of course it depends as there seem to be different versions of the album. The whole project took a long time to do.

beatlesywllow1 beatlesywllow2 beatlesywllow3 beatlesywllow6