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3D The Beatles Yellow Submarine Display

So I decided to create a display stand for the Yellow Submarine and I went a bit overboard maybe as I 3D printed The Beatles logo and then I used 3D pen to create a background of The Beatles and the Yellow Submarine which is a copy of the album cover essentially, of course it depends as there seem to be different versions of the album. The whole project took a long time to do.

beatlesywllow1 beatlesywllow2 beatlesywllow3 beatlesywllow6

3D Drawn House

So I wanted to draw a house, not sure why, I just wanted to and I did. I think it was more to try out the transparent filament I got, I used it for the windows. The filament isn’t truly transparent, but it works and does look like glass…I used the 3Design 3D pen to make this one..