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Video Review of Tuff-Luv E-volve Tuff-Shell 10 inch Case


New review by me!

Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/tuff-luv-e-volve-tuff-shell-10-inch-case-video-review/

Quote: "Today I have another video review for you of the E-Volve Tuff-Shell case from Tuff-Luv, it can be used for ultrabooks, tablets or netbooks up to ten inches in size. The case has a hard shell but inside it’s padded to protect your device. Read on to learn more… "

Video Review of SLAPPA Rubber Sole 10 inch Tablet Sleeve


Yep, it’s another video review from me!

Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/slappa-rubber-sole-10-inch-tablet-sleeve-video-review/

Quote: " I’m I guess you could say obsessive about cases, I must have cases on all of my gadgets and devices that I can have them for. I look at it as I spent the money, my money, so why not protect the investment right? Cases come in all shapes, sizes and colors and styles and today for review I have a unique one from Slappa called the Rubber Sole which can be used with ten inch tablets and even netbooks. The Rubber Sole isn’t for everybody, but it should offer decent protection. Read on to learn more and see exactly what I mean…"