Vinyl 33

Beatles Abbey Road

The next album I have in this little series for you is Abbey Road from the Beatles of course.. This one is a bit special actually in that it’s from the Apple Corps label and it’s sort of a first pressing so it’s kind of worth some money..  There are several versions of this album out there, the most valuable album is one that looks just like this one, but the Apple on the back is misaligned and the words ‘for her majesty’ are missing from the label, depending on condition it can fetch well over $1000. The one I have is a 2nd first printing or pressing essentially, the Apple on the album  is aligned correctly but the words ‘for her majesty’ are still missing from the record label. All others after that are ‘fixed’ as it were… So the one I have, I can easily get a few hundred dollars for… not bad..

DSCF8273 DSCF8274 DSCF8275 DSCF8276 DSCF8277 DSCF8278 DSCF8279


Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

So, as you may know my Mom died this past February, and since my brother is in another state it basically falls to me to ‘clean’ the house out. It’s a good thing really, most of the stuff is mine really, or the older stuff is anyway. Going through things over the past month or so I found things that I had totally forgotten about, one of those is my record collection and my mom’s record collection. Yes I’m old enough to have had a record player and enjoyed them… So I figure why not do a little series of pictures of albums, these are originals, some over 50 years old..

I figured I’d start it off with probably one of my favorite Beatles albums Magical Mystery Tour, then again I like most all Beatles stuff really.

DSCF8280 DSCF8281 DSCF8282 DSCF8283 DSCF8284 DSCF8285 DSCF8286 DSCF8287

What made this album cool was the book insert in the center, and of course the music…